8 Bark was a punk band from Chicago, IL. They were around from 1990-1994, and played many many shows, went on U.S. and Canadian tours, released 4 records, and appeared on many compilations.

About This Site

This page is put up by me, Douglas Ward, former member of 8 Bark. The purpose is to provide information about, and free recordings of, 8 Bark for people who are still interested. You can contact me through my current band, 97-shiki, at our website http://97-shiki.com/, or Steve Sackett through his current band Avenue Boulevard at http://myspace.com/avenueboulevard1.


  • Douglas Ward: guitar, vocals
  • Brian Kozlovsky: drums
  • Steve Sackett: bass
  • Wendy Means: vocals (1990-1991)
  • Cindy Hardcore: vocals (1991)
  • Kelly Sullivan: vocals (1991-1992)
  • Victoria Dakarian: vocals (1992-1994)

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8 Bark
V. Reverse
Kill Sadie
My Lai
Fourth Rotor
Canadian Rifle
Ambition Mission
I.D. Under
Sweater Weather
Screeching Weasel
Ben Weasel
Even In Blackouts
Ben Weasel And His Iron String Quartet
The Mopes
The Methadones
The Queers
Ivy League
The Scavengers
Angel Hair
Groovie Ghoulies
Green Day
The Frustrators
Foxboro Hot Tubs
Common Rider
Big In Japan