8 Bark at Rainbo

Last night, Paul Koob, DJing at the Rainbo Club bar in Chicago, decided to play every 8 Bark song ever. That must have been confusing for most patrons. Thanks Paul! Next time, give us a heads up and we’ll post it here.

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Added a photos page

8 Bark August 1993

As I can, I’ll be scanning and uploading photos, and adding them on the Photos page. If you have photos you’d like included, contact me and I’ll gladly include them.

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Added audio for “Twelve”

I ripped audio files from the vinyl of the “Twelve” EP. I uploaded them to the bandcamp site, viewable through the music page. Both the mp3s and the higher res files are available for download. I didn’t do any cleaning up — they’ve got the record needle pop and hiss just like you remember hearing. I’ll try to put up the lyrics and other info soon.

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“Sit & Spin” 1992 Video

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New 8 Bark site

I am upgrading this site. Stop by soon to see more info, photos & fliers, mp3 downloads, videos and links to 8 Bark fan pages. MP3 downloads, lyrics, and album covers are on the music page. Band info and background on the about page.

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